Friday, May 2, 2014

Link to Mrs. Valenzuela's filled-in study guide

You can cross-reference this filled-in study guide with the one you completed. Nothing wrong with being thorough!

Time to hit the books!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Where and When


If you want permission to skip your regular classes that morning, your parent needs to send in a note or call the school to grant permission.

The APAH exam proctor will be a retired teacher (not sure who!)

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Resources and thoughts from Wednesday's class:

1. Here is a link to the "Annotated Mona Lisa" online:

2. If some of you put as much effort into reviewing for the APAH exam as you do into arguing your grades, you'd pass with flying colors. Today's class period was meant to be used for review. You have a LOT of review resources at your fingertips (the art time period chart Mrs. V. made for you to fill out, all the PowerPoints on the blog/student drive, your past tests, quizzes, homework, projects, essays, etc., all the photocopies of "The Annotated Mona Lisa", other supplemental info from throughout the school year......and yet, there were many of you who did NOT use today's review time effectively. I hope you will make better use of our last two days of review. Misuse of time hurts only one person- YOU.

3. Since so many people were talking about "fairness" and grades, let me tell you what is not fair or appropriate:

-working with other students and passing off shared efforts as your own efforts. This is dishonest and technically merits a grade of zero according to the AHS administration
-handing in work late (especially right before quarter grades are due) and expecting it to be corrected immediately so it can be counted toward the quarter grade. Again, most AP teachers would just give the work a zero. In college, you will always get a zero if this happens. ANY points given for such late work are a total gift. After grades technically close, any points added to iPass are technically not supposed to be there.
-totally "checking out" in class (in terms of participation and attention) and expecting a good participation grade. A participation grade of zero would constitute someone who does some or all of the following: is not actively engaged in lectures/activities/discussions, does not take notes, is distracted by other things (ie: iPhone, other class work, etc.), falls asleep, has side conversations, goes off-topic with comments or questions, and misuses class time.
-cheating, plagiarizing, and other forms of academic dishonesty

Mrs. Valenzuela and I are very confident that there will be some fantastic scores on the APAH exams. Many people in this class have worked hard, challenged themselves, and gone about things with integrity, honesty, and enthusiasm. You have been provided with as much instruction, guidance, and resources as possible. Take ownership of your own efforts.

This is a great link to help you study the modern art movements: